Standard Embossing

Defining Leather Since 1888

About Us

Standard Embossing was established in 1888 and has been under the same family ownership for more than 123 years.  Back in 1895, then owner Chris Fleissner invented the process of welding a regular electrolyte plate onto a solid steel back.  In the early 1950’s, Standard Embossing was the first plate maker to use Chrome plating on their embossing plates. 

Standard Embossing is the only company in the world that not only manufactures embossing plates but is also a leader in embossing leather and many other types of materials.  We have the world’s largest collection of NEW and USED embossing plates in various sizes for sale.  We also have used Sheridan embossing machines for sale as well. 

Our specialty over the years has been to take a genuine animal skin and duplicate it on an embossing plate.  We are the only plate makers that have natural haircell designs to upgrade all kinds of leather. 

We carry a full line of embossing supplies ranging from thick cardboard, for building embossing beds, to rubber beds, felt beds, and also Teflon sheeting.